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What is DevunneCRM?

An web application that allows you to see, enter and evaluate all your company relationships. Evaluate the performances with the analytics at few clicks. Companies, people, projects, leads or opportunities - all in an simple and intuitive interface. One version for all your screens and devices. Responsive Design and latest Web Technologies at Lightning fast.

What is devunneCRM for Realty?

CRM developed to the core for the Realty industry. An interface which can help you with injecting your company Realty Project Details with substantial division to key sub-units, handling customer and employee portfolio to the fullest, including individual project payments tracking.


Record and Maintain the History of Project.

Track all your payments.

Enhanced link between different relationships in same tab.

In-built Analytics - Reports and Charts.

Automated E-mail System to deliver Analytic Reports.

User Level Security.

One Time Installation.

No user limitation.

Customization as in need...



Project Account

  • Individual Master Record for each Realty Project Launched and keep the full history on the project.
  • Project Name, Overall property size, Overall Investment on project.
  • Project Unit Detail - Project divided to sub-unit.
  • Each Unit Details with Name, Unit size, Unit Stage, Related customer, cost of unit, payment received, payment pending...


Record all the outward and inward payments of the company.

  • Project Payment - Record and count all the payments done by the company as investment or expense on the project.
  • Project Unit Payment - Record and count all the payments received by the company as part of sale.


Record and Maintain different portfolios for recording each individual related to the organization.

  • Customer Portfolio -Load all the details about the customer with address, contact details...Relate the customer to a project and to a sub-unit to track.
  • Employee Portfolio - Load all the details about the employee with address, contact details...Make the employee to be part of a team. Relate the employee to a project to track.


Multiple Analytics targeted at show-casing performance of Projects, Employees contribution, Outward and Inward Payments, Leads source etc...

  • Reports - Analytics pulled up daily, weekly, monthly in excel sheet. Automated E-mail system to receive reports
  • Charts - Analytics chart based on chosen options. Automated Refresh of charts


  • Automated mail based Report Delivery System. Generates daily, weekly or monthly reports based on the settings and delivers them to intended people in the set address
  • Automated Chart refresh system. Colorful Dashboard with multiple charts which can automatically refresh based on options.


  • Generate Receipt for each individual payment.
  • View Receipt for already generated payment.
  • Maintain status record of Receipt generation.
  • Loaded in pdf format for easy printing and security.
  • Project Payment Invoice ( Company outward payments ).
  • Project Unit Payment Invoice ( Customer Inward payments).


  • Attaching Multiple Documents for Records of any format.
  • Project Related Documents.
  • Employee Related Documents.
  • Customer Related Documents.


Calendar Tab with colorful information of day-to-day details.

  • Meetings - Arrange Meetings with peers, with customers.
  • Calls -Arrange Calls with people.
  • Tasks - Set Tasks with time frame, track the tasks details and keep updated.


Secured Access of data with multiple levels.

  • Teams - Create Teams group people.
  • Roles -Create Roles for group users by roles and provide secured access.
  • Users - Create user accounts for individual login.

Multiple Level Relationships

Project Account

  • Documents - Link all details related to the project.
  • Project Payments -Link payments to the project.
  • Project Unit Details - Link units for the project.
  • Customer Portfolio - Link customers to the project unit and build chain of customer for a project.
  • Employee Portfolio -Link Employee to the project unit to maintain record.
  • Project Unit Payment - Link payments from the customer.


  • Activity Stream- Feed where changes and new additions of followed records are shown.
  • Follow Button -User can follow particular record. Records he/she creates or those that got assigned to him/her are followed automatically.


  • Inbound Emails - Archiving emails from group email box. Email-to-Case.
  • Email Accounts -Automatic archiving emails from personal email box.
  • Compose Email - Sending emails from CRM.
  • Email Templates
  • Multiple email addresses per record.

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